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I need a daily dose of it, so shush

:iconscootloo99: help i'm dying of cuteness.
Selfishness [Desc]
"Is t-this...."
Alexis, not being able to finish her sentence, suddenly dropped on her knees as the black liquid falls onto the ground, creating small puddles. She tried to reach the person in front of her, but begins to cough and wheeze as she could not handle what aching power that was caged inside her.

In front of her, was her mother. Who she could not even look at her in the eyes.

She coughs out what seems to be the black liquid. It's so dark, the light doesn't even illuminate it. Rather.. It seems to absorb light. It had an very foul taste. So bad that it makes her want to puke. What's worse is the fact that it's constantly leaking out of Alexis' mouth, as if she was a fountain. She collapses onto the floor, fidgeting occasionally. This power.. Was too much for her small, fragile mind and body.

Artemis looks down on her. Watching her struggle to even move a finger. On one hand, it satisfies her to see - what she considers a weak, vulnerable piece of shit - reach just a fraction of her fullest potential. But on the other hand, she was rather disappointed that she was unable to really handle the power inside of her. She is a descendant of the Univalria line, after all..

Artemis then kneeled down, her long dress touching the floor, a part of it had touched the puddles. the black liquid wasn't absorbed by the dress's fabric, however. It turns into the shape of veins as it latches onto her dress, and It started to.. "Climb". Veeeeeery slowly.

"Alexis......." she speaks in a sad tone.
Artemis's voice was deep and it sounded quiet, but at the same time.. somewhat loud. "I expected better from a descendant of the Univalria line...." She lowers her head, her face covered by her long hair.
"I'm mildly disappointed..." She said. In a more angrier tone, her voice somewhat distorted.

Alexis struggles to speak as she tries to clear her throat from all the foul liquid. She tries to look at her in the eyes, only to see an angry mother peering down on her. She opened her mouth, to try to say a single word.
"I... It....h-hu..rts...."
when suddenly, she was hit by a blunt object. It only caused a minor concussion but it was enough to knock Alexis out.

Artemis had to knock her out with a heavy hammer, before Alexis could even say anything else, but also due to her potentially going out of control. The black liquid on her dress went limp, falls to the ground.
Her selfishness grew stronger, and it consumed her, She didn't care Alexis was in agony. She just wanted her to reach her fullest potential, to be able to become the next queen, and to be able to become worthy of holding the name "Univalria."


Fun fact:
The Univalria Line have always had a history of sudden rampages due to the holder's powers becoming somewhat sentient.
It is unknown why the Univalria Line's powers can become sentient, but it will eventually go away once the person reaches adulthood.

Also just a quick bio of Artemis:

She's fucking selfish, cruel and ruthless. Nuff said.
Le Vampire Family
This is legit my family.
Well, in a parallel universe.
So, this is a parallel universe of Re-Alive.
Where all of the characters in Re-Alive are all.. Mythical creatures. But still retain their human species and human-like appearance.

Don't get me wrong, i really hate the sun, so does Isaac, so we decided we'd both be vampires. As for Lino... he doesn't really give two shits about the sun.
And i do love cats, and act like one. So does Lino.
So, me and Lino obtained the species, Neko. Which is a human with cat features and capabilities. Nekos are very popular on Japanese stuff like Anime.

And yeah, Lino in this AU is practically a human/neko boy that can be seen by the naked eye, not some imaginary friend like irl. Oh and we became emos in this AU. Yeah.
Turn Off The Camera, Dude.

This is Human Lino :meow:
He won't be able to transform into a human in Re-Alive or Wondrous, but this Lino is gonna be in a Parallel universe of Re-Alive.
Partially practicing on the glitchy effect thing

H-Lino belongs to me
Art by me and my dog---
Program - MediBang Paint, Ibispaint X
Device - Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Alexis [R] - Bio
It's my own Fictional Self, who i admit, looks fairly like me, I have exactly what she wears which is why i went for this design. Also, this character will be in a new Universe called Re-alive. Re-alive is a universe where it is going to be the universe filled with characters based off of irl people. with Alexis who has three different split-personalities. Each of represent a certain thing. This is just a little twisty universe and i wanted to make this for the sake of my friends, who some has been going through a lot of harsh things. Though, i will make a plot on this, and maybe a lot of funny (and some sad) comics in the future.

The characters in Re-Alive are only merely based off of irl people, any kinds of superpowers or whatever aren't really relevant to me or any irl people. I only made them the way they are because i'm planning to make a story.


- Alexis [Reality]

Universe - Re-alive
Name - Alexis, Reality, Vex, Alex.
Height - 5'0" or 152 cm
Weight - 105.8 Lbs or 48 Kg
Age - 13


Exactly like me.



- She is right handed.

- She has social anxiety and depression, which makes her very nervous around people she doesn't know.

- She has a crush on a boy, and like many shitbirdy girls, doesn't admit she has one on any.

- She sucks at explaining things.........okay why is this on "Specials"

- She is a bad cook, ironically. As she liTERALLY LIVES ON A FAMILY WHO COULD MAKE GOODASS DISHES

- She has a love-hate relationship with Lino. Sometimes she's a dick to him, and sometimes she cares about him deeply.

- She has a special weapon called an R-Shard, which she can only summon herself.


She is best friends with Jaydyn, the two share the same interests in games and anime, and she sees her as an older sister. Although she can be somewhat lost by Jaydyn's hype shenanigan, she can't help but giggle like a weirdo


This is all at the time, since Re-alive is still a new Universe! I will update the Bio's description whenever something pops up!

Alexis [R] and Lino belongs to me
Jaydyn (mentioned) belongs to :iconrainbowsparkle12: aka :iconmultifandomnerdyart:
Art by me
Program: MediBang Paint
Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Hi. I'm Alexis.
I'm an awkward bean who loves to draw, and my dream is to become an animator and make a game about my characters that i've made, the title's gonna be "Wondrous". So.. yeah.

The purpose of this journal is just for me to introduce my characters, the universe they dwell in and clear things up, so, yeeeeah. There's been a lotta names and characters mixed up.

So first off, i'm gonna make a list of the main characters that i've made and are the main focus on most of my art. We'll call them the "Main Cast". It consists of twelve individuals and i'll be linking their Bios next to their names:

Alexis Univalria - linodaeeveeoverlord.deviantart…
Lino - No Bio
Diego - linodaeeveeoverlord.deviantart…
Ariana - linodaeeveeoverlord.deviantart…
Fleona - linodaeeveeoverlord.deviantart…
Suzy - linodaeeveeoverlord.deviantart…
Artemis Univalria - No Bio
Lucille - linodaeeveeoverlord.deviantart…
Natalie - linodaeeveeoverlord.deviantart…
Peter - linodaeeveeoverlord.deviantart…
Felicity - linodaeeveeoverlord.deviantart…
Zarneth - No Bio

For the ones i haven't made a Bio of, i will not make a Bio of Lino, because.. well. He's basically just an Eevee with indigo eyes, white pupils and an extra tuft of floof from his neck-fur sticking out of the side of his head. Nothing else.
Zarneth, will be revealed soon. And Artemis.... i'm gonna make her stay hidden. No, she is no longer a goddamn horse, for you people who've been with me since the days i was still using my :iconrainbowsparkle12: Account.

So, the universe they dwell in is called Wondrous. Basically this is a universe where creatures of many species inhabits it, and there's very many places in Wondrous that are filled with undiscovered creatures. They are called Regions. They all have a specific name that indicates what type of creature lives in it.

Note: I have not yet named all of the regions, but i don't really intend to reveal the names in any way, since i honestly want to pursue my dream of making "Wondrous" a real game in the future, which means i won't really be telling a lot of things about it. I may change my mind though.

You may have noticed that some of my ocs are.. Pokemons (I.e Ariana, Natalie) , or some are closely identical to Pokémons (I.e Peter, Lino) while yes, Peter and Lino are, in fact, not Pokémons (Despite my username.).

The following ocs will have their designs and species changed sometime later, so in the future, i will not get any copyright infringement when making "Wondrous" or when making any animations:

Natalie - Unfezant/Articuno.
Ariana - Gardevoir
Lino - Design is heavily similar to an Eevee.
Peter - Design is somewhat similar to a Pidgeotto/Pidgeot.

If any other of my characters look too similar to a character you know from a tv show/cartoon/videogame, please let me know.

That's all for now, i'll edit this journal whenever something new or i need some things fixed. So yeah.

- Alexis.


LinoDaEeveeOverlord's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Yo. My name's Alexis, some calls me Masya but please, don't call me Masya. 13 years old and i pretty much suck at drawing.

Original Account: :iconrainbowsparkle12:

Instagram: masyaunivalria
DeviantArt: you're here, fym.

a very accurate description of me, created by Jay Bae The Gay :iconmultifandomnerdyart:

"Masya is an oddball piece of fuckinfpg sHIT (ilyouuuuuuu) who somehow is best friends with Jayd and doesn't question the fucking antics Jayd yells about. She also loves a boy named Isaac, who has an unhealthy obsession with cheese and Jayd may or may not have written an Isaac x Swiss Cheese smut when she was extremely tired at 3 am. Masya ships Taedyn and Isasya (of course) and also really cares for very few people. Very sweet girl tbfh Jayd's just an absolute dickbag mcgee"


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