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Cries Of A Blind Child
"You don't know how envious i become when you describe how beautiful the world is... i've seen so little of it."

"All i wanted was to see again..."

- Felicity


Felicity belongs to me
Art by me
Programs - MediBang Paint, Pixlr
Device - Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Pet Weasel
//When you take your pet out for a walk for the first time

*legit calls Lino a weasel* Lino da gay Weasel----

*i blame daddy Isaac for the weasel part*

Alexis [R], Lino belongs to me
Art by me
Program - MediBang Paint
Device - Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Well geez, i just went past my deadline with this drawing. I'm supposed to draw something and post it every once a week. But now that it's been past 7 days, i'mma upload another drawing shortly after this. Probably in a couple of days.


"Diego, hey!" Alexis said, trying to catch the attention of the little boy she was sitting next to. He immediately snapped from daydreaming, with a squeak. He shakes his head and turns to Alexis.

"W-what? What is it?" he nervously asked, scratching his right cheek. "I wanna show you something! i've been working hard on it!" Alexis smiled. She then leaps off the couch and grabbed onto Diego's hand, and dragged him into her bedroom. "W-what are we gonna do?" he asked, looking around curiously. Alexis pointed up to a trapdoor on the ceiling. "We're going up there!" Alexis smirked. Diego somewhat flinched when she said that. He was always the little boy who's afraid of going to places he never went to before. New things scares him. "Alexis!" the sound of Lucille's reassuring voice is heard. "Yeah, mom?" she shouted. "Are you going up to the attic again?" Lucille replied, shouting. "Yeah! I'mma show Diego something cool!" she replied. "Okay, be careful with the ladder. It's broken!" Lucille replied, making sure the kids won't hurt themselves. "Okay, mom!" she replied. She began to stack her books one by one to reach the handle on.

Diego had to look away so he couldn't look under her skirt. Eventually, she made it to the top and pulled the hatch, and upon opening, a ladder fell to tthe floor, broken. Diego shouted upon hearing the loud thumping noise when it dropped "Be careful!" he frowned. "I'm trying!" Alexis replied.

Alexis then leaped down from her stack of books and then turned to look at the broken ladder. The both then pondered for a bit.

Eventually, they both then had an idea. Duct tape!

They both searched for a duct tape, and upon founding one, the two then began to duct tape the ladder all together. It wasn't the best to put it back together, but surprisingly, it was strong enough to support one of the kid's weight. "Whew, welp. Now it's all taped up, let's get up."
Diego then looked at her, he was concerned about the ladder. "B-but what if it brea-" his sentence was abruptly disturbed when Alexis then pointed up and closed her eyes "i'll go first!" she then walked up to the ladder and started climbing, Diego sighed.

Eventually, she made it up. "Now it's your turn!" Alexis shouted. Diego was very nervous, but he had to go up with his best friend. He couldn't let her down. "o-okay, u-uhm.." he nervously started climbing, stuffing his Flareon plushie into his fluffy tail. Once he made it up there, he sighed in relief, sweating a bit. It felt like hours when he started climbing. "Took your time, ay? Thanks for keeping me waiting" Alexis sarcastically said, obviously a bit angry. "S-sorry, i'm scared of heights a-and i don't like being in new places!" He nervously replied. "Oh shush" she paps him. "Now, get up cuz i got something to show you!" she stood up. Diego then stood up, pulling his plushie out of his tail, wiping the fur off of it. "What is it?"

Alexis then started to look at her hands, and began to focus. Concentrating her powers within her hands to create fire concealing her hands. She groans as she tries to create it, but eventually.. a flash of purple fire then lighted up on both of her hands, illuminating the dark attic!

"Whoaa! How did you do that?" Diego was amazed, somewhat mesmerized by the fire the more he looks at it. "Momma Lucille taught me how to!" She replied, in a happy and proud tone. Diego then looked up to her "You're getting better and better." Diego giggled. Alexis was proud of herself, and even flattered "R-really? hah.." she wanted to say "Thank you" but she was so flattered that she began to feel nervous. "So, what're you going to do with your powers?" Diego curiously asked. Alexis then hummed "Huh, never thought of it.. Maybe BURN a house down?"

Diego then yelled at her face "N-NO!" Alexis then laughed "i'm just kidding!" Diego pouted "You better be!" he scowled. Then a sudden voice of a female pierced through the room "Alexis! Diego! Dinner's ready!" They immediately recognized the voice, it was Lucille. "We're coming!" Alexis shouted.

Diego went to the trap door and looked down to the ladder, and saw that one of the duct tape is beginning to peel off. "H-hey, i think the ladder's gonna break..." he nervously stated. "What?" Alexis walked over to him, and saw the duct tape peeling off the ladder. "Oh gosh-"

Suddenly, the duct tape immediately peels right off the ladder began dangling in the air as it obeys gravity.
The other duct tape then peeled right off as it cannot withstand the weight of the broken part, and it then slams down onto the floor with a loud thumping sound.

"Now what?" They both said in the same time.


Alexis, Diego and Lucille belongs to me.
Art by me
Programs - MediBang Paint, Pixlr
Device - Samsung Galaxy Note 4
YOU Do The Dishes!
"It's your turn today, these dishes ain't gonna clean themselves!"

"Geez, what day is it?" Suzy said, in a tired and half-groaning voice. She then stood up from the couch, stretching her arms in the process.
"It's Saturday, doofus." Ariana responded in an irritated tone. She then holds up a dirty plate, covered in tiny bits of food, wasabi and tomato sauce. As Suzy tucks her hands into her jacket's pockets, she turns to look at Ariana in the eye. As she made eye contact with her, Ari briefly felt the feeling of intimidation as her roommate towers her. She then glares at Suzy as hard as she can.

"Wow, that's so cute." Suzy then chuckles as the girl in front of her gets even more irritated and pouted. "You better do the dishes now!" Ari yelled. "C'mon, no need to be a siren. Your voice hits higher notes than Adam Levine could ever do-" Suzy was then abruptly interrupted "SHUUSSHH! You're not supposed to say that!"
"Oops.." Suzy muttered.
"What if SHE heard that?! Be careful, you dingus!" Ariana scowled. Suzy then nervously scratched the back of her head, knowing Ariana will keep on scolding her for saying something impulsively. She then glanced over to the dirty plate Ariana has been holding this whole time. "Hey, i'll do the dishes, okay? geez." She nervously said, in a half-whispering way, trying to quiet her down. "About time, hmph." Ari then pouts one more time. "...actually, if you're done, could you.. buy chocolate for me?" Suzy was kind of surprised to hear that. She then smirks and speaks "Oh, It's Valentine's Day?"
Ari flinched upon hearing her, and lashes out at her "W-What?! NO!! I-I didn't mean it like that, dumbass!"

"Says the girl who got no Valentine's Day gifts this year." Suzy jokingly said. "Shut up!" Ariana glares at her again. She can't help but admit that she does feel a bit disappointed that nobody really gave her a Valentine's Day gift, despite her popularity at school. She eventually shrugged it off, thinking that maybe everybody was busy with their own things? besides, it's just a silly holiday. But then this brought back all the thoughts again. Deep inside, she actually does want one, especially from Suzy.

Suzy then smirks again, knowing Ari's inner tsundere feelings had flared up. She then takes the plate from her hands, and walked away, but not before looking back at Ari, who was standing there, thinking and watching her go.

"I'll buy you plenty, don't worry."
Well this ship is kinda canon.
me and :iconmultifandomnerdyart: ships this, pfft.

Suzy and Ariana belongs to me
Art by me
Program: MediBang Paint, Pixlr
Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 4


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