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"...So.... you er.. forgive me now?"
As he rolls his eyes to the girl he has previously misunderstood.

"....Fine. Yeah, sure." She says, sternly.


After what happened here: linodaeeveeoverlord.deviantart…

to my friends: i'm all fine and chill, i just need some time. Will probably update this when i have enough time.
s m o o t h
ay :icondandybebop: get your fine ass over here.

*AHEM* been a damn fine while since i've posted anything, and that's because of the lack of wifi over here, in case for people like :iconstewie106: and :iconmew190000: who may be wondering. I'm currently in a location where i got access to the internet right now, however.

And Mew, tell Kat i'm alright. I miss her too.

while i was off, i have been doing nothing but sit in the corner of my room, eating pizza and hating myself for sucking at Cuphead, trying to cope with the fact that i got no wifi.
Then i was like
"why not just settle down and start drawing?" i figured.

And so this was what came out lmao.
"Wakey wakey, ye donkey." Lino has been continuously poking a very, VERY tired Alexis, trying to get her up. He's been doing this for a full 5 minute now.

".........." No response. She just ignored him.
He lets out a frustrated grunt, facepalming. "Ya got a lotta things to do, kiddo. Get up." His hand feels like it's about to have painful cramps sooner or later, yet still persistent to get her to ATLEAST open her eyes. He feels somewhat devastated to have to be babysitting a child that has succumbed to such a level of laziness.... atleast, that's what he thinks.

"If you don't move a single inch right now, i'm going to possess and corrupt your phone's godDAMN data." Lino scowled at her, threatening her was practically a last resort to get her moving.
Hearing this, Alexis finally decided to move..............and by move, she only fidgets her finger. Lino sighed in shame. He's tried everything. Snitching, bribing, a lengthy speech, etc. Nothing seems to work now.
"Tch...." Lino was about to give up completely, but... he felt this feeling. No matter how much he wants to, he just can't let this girl do whatever she wants. He felt this burst of emotions. A mix of protectiveness, righteousness and absolute anger.

"....What and literally WHY do you ALWAYS act like a lazy FUCK? You know you got a shit TON of things to do, but screw it, you lay around like a pig in a puddle of mud, RELAXING without a single ounce of CARE." For once, Lino was actually legitimately angry.
"What makes you so engaged to do absolutely NOTHING? are you just simply so self-absorbed? Do you simply not care about everybody and everything else, other than yourself?
I can't judge a book by it's cover, but you're an book i'm still reading. I can't finish reading, i would have been able to finish reading but i can't, because YOU keep hiding your own pages from me, tearing yourself from your own case.
The only thing i can do is make assumptions or wait for you to open up, which you never seem to want to do. You open up with HIM, why not ME?" Lino was about to say something again, but..

".....Don't even bring him into this."
Alexis finally said a word. Lino was caught completely off-guard. Her voice was intimidatingly stern, she might have been.. infuriated.
"Listen.. i'm merely telling and asking you this so you could just.. THINK about what you need and DON'T NEED to do." Lino attempted to ease up the sudden tension. Right as she spoke, it felt like the entire room's atmosphere has changed. It felt almost.. frightening.

"So.. what you're saying is that i SHOULDN'T open up to Isaac, but only open up to you, huh?" Alexis opens up her eyes, they meet his. Lino thought he'd be happy to see her atleast look at him, but it wasn't even.. relieving to see her open her eyes. A part of him wishes she kept them closed.

"What makes you say THAT? that's freaking bull." Lino quickly backed up himself, rejecting her conclusion. He tried to make himself look fearless, but.. really, he's probably crapping his pants if he had an anus and a pair of edgy ripped jeans.
"...Hah." Alexis laughed. It was a bit strange for a time like this for him.

"...Tell me. Who's the one selfish right now?
You.. or me?
You, who clearly cared more of yourself than what i love by telling me things that are not even necessary for my own needs in any way.
Or me? judge me by your own perspective."

Lino was reluctant to answer her question.
"What did you say? "Clearly... cared more about myself"? Masya, i've been the one who told you that you needed to become better first, why would you assume i'd care more about MYSELF?"

"Because you clearly want me to become better for yourself. You want me to become.. diligent with practically everything YOU like. But the things you like are not the things i NEED to be diligent on. Didja seriously think i'd brush one single strand of hair one at a time? what, ye got a hair fetish?" Alexis was fighting back with more fire than he is, yet.. she always gets a chance to make silly assumptions that actually eased up the tension quite a bit.

"What the FUCK, heck NO. That's fucking WEIRD." Lino was genuinely disgusted. "Heck, it's for you to be distracted from things that bother you, y'know? like, you got nothing to do and-"

"My point still stands, brother. I always have things i need to do." Alexis was unfazed this whole time. She didn't need to yell at the top of her lungs for her words to get inside anybody's thick skull. They were like bullets puncturing a human's body, bones and muscles, and that bullet stays there until you take it out yourself, with no surgical tools to use for it.

"..And what are these things you "always need to do"?" Lino was starting to get a little... suspicious. "Let me guess.. spending time with your little lover, huh?" he said, mocking her.

Alexis raised an eyebrow. Lino was unsure what she was trying to express. Anger? Curiosity? regardless, he was getting a little confident.
"What, you think spending time with your shitbird pothead lookin' ass is more important than actually putting effort in any of your homework? Do you CARE about your future? your dream job?"

"................." Alexis was suddenly silenced.
Lino laughed hysterically, thinking he broke her our of her comfort zone.
"So.. that's how it is, huh? All of these unfinished work..." Lino pointed at all of her unfinished business. Unfinished homework, unfinished art, unfinished chores, unfinished.. everything.
"...just for a fuckboy you got feelings for? That's.. inexcusable, Masya. Think about it!'" He started giggling, and holded up an arm.
"Look at all of these! These are steps you need to take in order to make it to the top, to be able to be successful and get a goddamned diploma, to be able to get a niceass job for you to support yourself!" He was grinning widely.
"You wanna be an animator? go finish your art project. You wanna get a diploma so you could get a job? finish your homework. You wanna keep everything in your house together? finish your damn chores!" His tone of voice is almost maniacal, his confidence was getting the better of him.

Little did he know, Alexis was... completely and utterly
He was unable to see the spark of energy overflowing in the tip of her finger, and she was able to summon three shards, slowly approaching Lino from above.
"So, Masya, what do you think now? Is Isaac more important than, oh i don't freaking know, ACTUALLY doing something productive?" Lino mocked her once again.

".....You... absolutely DISGUST ME."
The shards zoom in closer to Lino, to the point where he could see them. Lino was surprised and backed away, trying to avoid them at all cost.

"Masya, what're y-" He was cut off by Alexis, suddenly standing up and towering him. She was far bigger and taller than he is. It was.. terrifying for him.
"You of ALL PEOPLE should know that i put priority to things that actually make ME happy. Nobody makes me more motivated than he does, because HE never rushes me to do whatever things i do. You, in the other hand, just push me to do things so relentlessly, that i become utterly apathetic by how much you, and all people have high expectations. Why do you always push me so hard to be the BEST? I don't NEED to be the best, as long as i pass, i'm HAPPY and i still have a CHANCE.
He's my only source of genuine happiness, it would be no surprise for me to put him in my number one priority. But.. apparently, it is a surprise to you. Why? because you don't seem to understand me NOR him." She was crying at this point. Streams of tears run down her cheek, but her voice stayed stern as if she wasn't sobbing. She looked away from him, her finger sparking wildly with energy that is unable to be seen by humans.
"...Why do you think i like him? i love him for a good damn reason. You should know by now that i never like anybody who are utter dumbfucks who never care more about how i feel, especially YOU."

"..Masya... Please, atleast.. don't get violent. S-stay calm, please..?"
Lino shifted from a confident lil' guy to a fearful, timid runt. He even mimics Isaac's voice and even the way he talks in order to calm down the angry girl.

"You make me apathetic, you make me DEPRESSED. you of all people should know that rushing somebody does NOTHING good. We've know each other far longer than i've known Isaac. You were there with me since i was little, i was growing up practically WITH you. Yet, you never understood how hurt i was this whole time? That ITSELF is inexcusable."

"Masya.. i-i uh..... i'm... i just thought you'd.. be able to tank practically any.. y'know, things that people say. You seem so desensitized by even the harshest insult or criticism. I didn't.. know." Lino was actually genuinely guilty. His voice was shaky.. unable to mimic Isaac's voice anymore because of how painful it was to speak and modify his voice. He was.. sorry.

"Masya, i uh.. i'm.."

Once again, Alexis.. or should i say, Masya, cuts him off.
"Save it for later. I got work to do."

She then walks off into her room, slamming the door and locking herself in. Leaving a guilty Lino all alone.


but hey atleast lino actually got her to do her work amiright HAH
Just wanted to do something a lil' different with the characters. I honestly liked how it turned out a lot.

Characters shown/mentioned here:
Art by me
Program - IbisPaint X
Snezhinka Marina Aurora - Art Trade
aaayyyyyy finished yo
//i have no idea what's her name ghgdh Snow Aurora? dammit
other than that
she's a chill-y girl.

i'll go home.

Snow Girl/Aurora belongs to :iconcosmicgalaxystar:
Art by me
Program - IbisPaint X

Edit: fixed the title lmao
Flee [Desc]
FIRST - linodaeeveeoverlord.deviantart…


Unable to remember what happened, Alexis awakens outside of the castle.
".....Luuucciille...." She was the first thing that came to her mind, Her cry for help piercing the night's silence. She then brushes her bangs away from her eyes to see clearly. It was colder than an ice cream sundae, the dark sky accompanied by stars and the moon that illuminated her surroundings.

Alexis manages to reposition herself up, it took a little bit to realize that the pain had subsided, most likely while she was unconscious. However, Her head still felt like it was having a migraine. Lights flashes for a split second, still feeling nauseous and hearing incomprehensible voices, perhaps she's hallucinating but it didn't matter to her.
"H-huh..?" She was honestly somewhat shocked. She was able to move her fingers without feeling like they're about to rupture the moment she fidgets.

"Ah.. yeah! I feel a lot better now..!" she celebrates, moving her hands around and walking naturally.
"But.. huh, what happened though..?" She scratches her head, her memory was fuzzier than a puppy dog.

Suddenly, she hears a voice from afar that seems to be.. calling out to her. It was feminine, the voice was clearly distorted, almost sounds shaky but comprehensible. It gave her a rush of adrenaline. She turned to where the voice is coming from, the entrance of the Valitrina castle. The luxurious gate that firmly stands behind Alexis.
She squints her eyes to see clearly of who was calling out to her, and there she saw a familiar figure..
Lucille. She looked perfectly fine, but upon looking at her face, was her own uncontrollable fear.
Lucille's face was nothing but a gaping mouth, filled with wretched teeth that could easily rip apart flesh. Surrounded by so many holes that was seeping bile, Alexis' trypophobia has been inevitably triggered. She backs away, quivering.. and eventually running away.
Lucille hears her foot steps, and turns to the direction Alexis had fled to.

"aaAAAAAALeeEEee...XIIIiissSS!!" the monstrous Lucille sprints and leaps over the gate, going after Alexis.
Alexis then runs as fast as she can to avoid her, aimlessly wandering into the dark forest. There could be predators, there could be traps, but all that mattered to her was to get away from.. WHATEVER Lucille has become. She can hear Lucille grunting menacingly as she runs.
"Gah, i can't run forever!" Alexis speaks in her mind. She came to a halt and looks around, trying to find a place she could hide in. As she was looking around, she sees a pair of eyes peering on her, she was startled by them. The person whistles, indicating it wants her to come to whoever it is. Alexis, reluctant to do so because whoever it was, it could have been a disgusting creep or worse. But...
"AAAAAAALLEEeeeeEEXIiiiIiiisSSSS!!" Lucille was close. She had no choice but to run to the stranger. If it does turn out to be a creep, atleast she can kick butt.

She closed her eyes, anticipating Lucille's absurd noises and horrifying voice yelling for her. She waited, Lucille was definitely close by... scurrying to find Alexis.

And then... silence. It seems like.. she left.
Alexis opens her eyes, and her gaze was locked onto another's pair of eyes. Her menacing look startled Alexis but she then realizes she's not a threat. She was.. Suzy. Her friend.
Before Alexis could say a word, Suzy paps her "Ssshhhhhhh". She looks around to see if the coast is ACTUALLY clear.
"Right.. it's clear." She puts her hand down. "Now kiddo, what the hel... HECK are you DOING out in the dam... gah, DANG woods?" Suzy was infuriated, her maternal instincts are flaring.
"I-i... i w-was..." Alexis, intimidated by her outburst, struggled to say anything. She was really used to Lucille's soft-spoken attitude, not Suzy's. It was.. scary to her.
"Gah.. well, let's.. just start with... Who's her face? Lucien? yeah her." Suzy sits down on the cold grass.
"Lucille..." Alexis corrects her. She was.. still trembling. Suzy took notice of how frightened she was, and she sighs.
"......" There was an awkward silence between the two.
"Alright, alright. My bad, i shouldn't really be yelling at a kid.." Although her words didn't seem really serious, the tone in her voice was quite genuine. She looks away from Alexis.
"It's o-okay.. but what are YOU doing out here..?"

"Oh, me? Ah.. well... i just like to chill here, it's hel- yikes.. i mean, hECKA peaceful here." She looks up to the sky, it was.. beautiful. The night sky was wonderfully lit.
"Suzy, i know the bad word." Alexis squints her eyes and looks at her rather annoyed.
Suzy laughs it off, lowkey disappointed.

"Kids like you shouldn't.. really learn these words so soon." She frowns. "..But hey, i answered your question, it's your turn kiddo." she snaps her finger. The snapping was smooth as jazz, Alexis suddenly felt less tense hearing it.

"Oh, uhm... w-well.. i remember i just woke up outside of the castle, and.. i saw Lucille, she was.. frightening. I don't know what happened to her, but she's not.. HER. Her voice, her f-face, everything!"
"Huh? That thing that was chasing for you was Lucille? I didn't get a closer look at it." Suzy rolls her eyes to the left. "Sure as heck didn't hear anything." Suzy seemed... so oblivious. Alexis was surprised, Lucille's voice was audible even from afar, how was she not able to hear how loud and intimidating it was?

"Wait what? You didn't hear how freaking LOUD her groaning was?" Alexis tilted her head, utterly confused.
"Nah, i just heard nothing." She shrugged. "Y'know, now that i think of it, Lucille never makes a sound when she's all.. assassin mode or whatever you call it."

"Are you saying.. Lucille would want to assasinate me?" Alexis gave her the puppy eyes and frowned. Those.. irresistibly adorable puppy eyes.

"oH fFFrICK, No no no! I didn't mean it that way!" Suzy began to panic, she didnt know how to cheer her up, now that she's... not a little infant anymore.
"Hey, I'm sure your bird mom isn't bad, i just misspoke. Gah, i need to watch my language.." Suzy started to scratch her head harshly.
"No.. it's uhm.. fine. I understand." Alexis looked at her, her gaze filled with forgiveness.
"Huh.. well... Anyways, i juuust realized... this is way past your bedtime." Suzy stood up. "Let's get you back home, kiddo-"

"No!" Alexis clings onto her waist, wrapping her arms around her. "I don't want to... I wanna go away from it!" She pleaded. "Lucille might be there, Artemis is there... I just wanna get away for a while..."
Suzy looks at her with a very concerned look, yet.. she feels sad for the kid. "Huh, wouldn't you rather see Lucille? I mean, maybe she isn't as bad as she currently is by the time we make it there."

"Right now, i think staying along with you would be better, to be honest.." Alexis stated. Suzy was honestly not expecting her to choose that decision, but she looowkey is happy that she did.
"Okaay kiddo.. we can go to Natalie's, how 'bout that?"

Alexis suddenly felt giddy, she nods quickly. "Yeah!"
"Theeen it's settled. C'mon kiddo, get on my back!" Suzy kneels down for Alexis to be able to climb on.
Alexis then proceeds to climb onto Suzy's back, and Suzy stood up. "Whoaa.. is this how it feels like to be tall?"
"Well yeah, but i miss it when we were young."
"wait.. wha-"
Suddenly, Suzy sprints through the forest. The speed is overwhelming, even for Alexis. It was like.. taking off in a plane for the first time. That feel when the plane takes off into the sky and you feel like you're miles above sea level? yeah, that feeling.

But instead of having that feeling of adrenaline and anxiety, she feels.. joy. She had a feeling..a feeling that they've done this before. She even began to laugh, feeling the wind on her face as Suzy leaps over boulders and lakes. For once, she could forget about the problem with Lucille and Artemis, and just be happy. Suzy terribly wanted the kid to feel alright, and she did the right thing. She knew it'd be a good idea to give a piggyback ride, even if it might sound dangerous while sprinting. But hey, worth a shot. Her maternal instinct did the right thing.

Until Alexis started to feel... odd. It wasn't from the fast paced sprinting or the wind, but.. this feeling, this is the painful feeling. She started to cough.

Suzy suddenly stopped. She kneels down and lets Alexis get off. She turns to see her. She looked feeble, and quite frankly, miserable.
Alexis started to cough.. "Hey, take it easy.." Suzy kneels down to pat her back sternly. "Huh, been a long time since i actually pat your back, kiddo."
Alexis looks at her, confused. "H-huh..? You've never pat my back before..."
Suddenly coughing again, this time she felt something about to come out of her stomach. It was a burning sensation, definitely worse than a heartburn. She falls down to the ground on her knees, covering her mouth, trying to not let it out. But alas.
She started to vomit the black liquid. She closed her eyes to bear the pain. Suzy was appalled by this. She had no idea what she was vomitting out. Food? Ink? did she eat a pen? she is utterly CLUELESS AND WORRIED.
"Alexis, what's the matter?! you didn't tell me you were sick!" For a second Suzy was about to lose her cool, but she had to remain calm for her.

"Okay, we NEED to get you to Natalie, s-she definitely has medicine for.. whatever you're trying to put up with..."
Alexis nods, opening her eyes to see the black liquid once again. Her eyes, now red with veins. Suzy looks down on her to tell her one more thing.

"Don't make so much noise, okay? you might.. attract somebody."


Aaayyyy Continuation to the story series. Huh, maybe i should name the story series something..

Characters shown and mentioned:

Hi. I'm Alexis.
I'm an awkward bean who loves to draw, and my dream is to become an animator and make a game about my characters that i've made, the title's gonna be "Wondrous". So.. yeah.

The purpose of this journal is just for me to introduce my characters, the universe they dwell in and clear things up, so, yeeeeah. There's been a lotta names and characters mixed up.

So first off, i'm gonna make a list of the main characters that i've made and are the main focus on most of my art. We'll call them the "Main Cast". It consists of twelve individuals and i'll be linking their Bios next to their names:

Alexis Univalria - linodaeeveeoverlord.deviantart…
Lino - No Bio
Diego - linodaeeveeoverlord.deviantart…
Ariana - linodaeeveeoverlord.deviantart…
Fleona - linodaeeveeoverlord.deviantart…
Suzy - linodaeeveeoverlord.deviantart…
Artemis Univalria - No Bio
Lucille - linodaeeveeoverlord.deviantart…
Natalie - linodaeeveeoverlord.deviantart…
Peter - linodaeeveeoverlord.deviantart…
Felicity - linodaeeveeoverlord.deviantart…
Zarneth - No Bio

For the ones i haven't made a Bio of, i will not make a Bio of Lino, because.. well. He's basically just an Eevee with indigo eyes, white pupils and an extra tuft of floof from his neck-fur sticking out of the side of his head. Nothing else.
Zarneth, will be revealed soon. And Artemis.... i'm gonna make her stay hidden. No, she is no longer a goddamn horse, for you people who've been with me since the days i was still using my :iconrainbowsparkle12: Account.

So, the universe they dwell in is called Wondrous. Basically this is a universe where creatures of many species inhabits it, and there's very many places in Wondrous that are filled with undiscovered creatures. They are called Regions. They all have a specific name that indicates what type of creature lives in it.

Note: I have not yet named all of the regions, but i don't really intend to reveal the names in any way, since i honestly want to pursue my dream of making "Wondrous" a real game in the future, which means i won't really be telling a lot of things about it. I may change my mind though.

You may have noticed that some of my ocs are.. Pokemons (I.e Ariana, Natalie) , or some are closely identical to Pokémons (I.e Peter, Lino) while yes, Peter and Lino are, in fact, not Pokémons (Despite my username.).

The following ocs will have their designs and species changed sometime later, so in the future, i will not get any copyright infringement when making "Wondrous" or when making any animations:

Natalie - Unfezant/Articuno.
Ariana - Gardevoir
Lino - Design is heavily similar to an Eevee.
Peter - Design is somewhat similar to a Pidgeotto/Pidgeot.

If any other of my characters look too similar to a character you know from a tv show/cartoon/videogame, please let me know.

That's all for now, i'll edit this journal whenever something new or i need some things fixed. So yeah.

- Alexis.


LinoDaEeveeOverlord's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Yo. My name's Alexis. Just a 13 year old girl tryinna
like any other artist, improve.

Original Account: :iconrainbowsparkle12:

Instagram: masyaunivalria
DeviantArt: you're here, fym.

a very accurate description of me, created by Jay Bae The Gay :iconmultifandomnerdyart:

"Alexis is an oddball piece of fuckinfpg sHIT (ilyouuuuuuu) who somehow is best friends with Jayd and doesn't question the fucking antics Jayd yells about. She also loves a boy named Isaac, who has an unhealthy obsession with cheese and Jayd may or may not have written an Isaac x Swiss Cheese smut when she was extremely tired at 3 am. Masya ships Taedyn and Isasya (of course) and also really cares for very few people. Very sweet girl tbfh Jayd's just an absolute dickbag mcgee"


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